Stylem | Bone Broth - The oldest wellbeing trend that’s here to stay
Bone broth – simmered bones and basic veggies used as stock, soup or a drink - that’s been made for centuries, has made a comeback. There’s more and more research proving that overall optimal health (mental and physical) begins in your gut.
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14 Feb BONE BROTH – The oldest wellbeing trend that’s here to stay

Words by Janine Phillipson

Bone broth – simmered bones and basic veggies used as stock, soup or a drink – that’s been made for centuries, has made a comeback. There’s more and more research proving that overall optimal health (mental and physical) begins in your gut. Probiotics help rebalance the gut with beneficial bacteria, while nurturing and nourishing bone broth has far-reaching gut healing effects. We caught up with Michelle Schoeps, the wonder woman aka The Broth Lady, behind Love and Bones Broth ( to get the lowdown on why it’s not just a passing heath fad.



What makes bone broth so good for you?

It’s gentle and warming on your digestive system and full of gelatin, known to heal and seal the gut, promoting great gut health – which seems to be the new focus in optimum health. Bone broth contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium and trace minerals that the body can easily absorb. It contains the broken down cartilage and tendons called glucosamine, which help with arthritis and joint pain. And the gelatin is like natural anti-ageing serum, making us youthful from the inside out. Chicken soup made with bone broth can really help get you over a cold or flu faster by loosening mucus and helping it pass through the body at a speedier rate.


Why has it made a comeback?

Cooking from scratch and using only the best ingredients available to us has almost become a trend, and bone broth is at the backbone of this. Using every part of every ingredient you buy equals zero waste. And bone broth is one of the most nutrient rich foods/drinks you can consume, it helps you digest everything else you put in your body, in turn making us healthier.


What’s in it? 

Beef and/or chicken bones, pork or fish bones, and vegetables. Our Love and Bones Broth has only the best of the best ingredients. 100% grass-fed and finished beef bones, organic or pastured chickens or boilers (pastured laying hens), or wild line-caught fish frames and heads, with certified organic vegetables and aromatics, organic apple cider vinegar, himalayan salt and filtered water.



What types are there?

At Love and Bones Broth, we have several different Bone Broths and we also make a wide range of broth-based soups using only organic, in season vegetables with our different broth bases.

  • Original Broth (which is a mix of beef and chicken, traditionally how people made their stocks or broths in many cultures)
  • Plain Pastured and/or organic Chicken Broth
  • Plain Grass-fed and finished Beef Broth
  • Pastured Pork Broth
  • Wild Fish Broth
  • Smoothie Broth cubes (which are tasteless frozen beef broth with no vegetables or aromatics added) you add these to cold drinks for extra iciness and nutrient density.
  • Love and Bones Broth Icy poles


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How is it made?

I have a basic recipe for people wanting to try it at home but if you’d prefer to buy it ready made you can purchase it from me here:


Behind the scenes of Love and Bones Broth…

I’m a mum first and foremost – Jemima is 16, Frankie is 12 and Wilco is 6. I started young and really enjoyed my kids hence the large gaps. I’ve had a food blog,, since my youngest was small and briefly before that a photographic studio. The move to bones broth was something that organically happened. I’ve always had my 15L pot on the stove since Jemima was born and before that my great Aunty Marika would make it for me. It was always a part of their meals and mine, always the most comforting thing that I ate. When I went into labour with Jemima my last meal before I went to the hospital was my Aunty Marika’s Goulash soup. I make the best bone broth and its something I can do with eyes shut, so after much pushing from several different people Love and Bones Broth was born.


Where did the name come from? What’s next for Love and Bones Broth?

There were so many name options – The Broth Queen, The Broth Lady, but somehow Love and Bones Broth it was – it’s made with love and bones and that’s why it tastes so incredible every time.

Next for Love and Bones Broth… moving into our very own kitchen, new products, a book and cooking classes. My mission is to get my Bone Broth into every hospital in the country (I’d settle for Sydney) and hopefully finding someone to help us take it overseas – the UK and the US would be a good start. I want it to become a staple of everyone’s diet.

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