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  • Stand Up and Paddle

    When stylem heard that Aussie surfing legend Tom Carroll was launching a new stand up paddleboard (SUP) range and we’d been invited to come and have a lesson, well we didn’t have to be asked twice! For those unaware, stand up paddleboarding involves literally ...

  • The best workout you’ll ever do

    There are so many different ways to exercise – the gym, running, kick boxing, swimming, yoga…the list is endless. All can be beneficial in their own ways, so often it just comes down to what is best for your body and what you actually enjoy......

  • Super Green Beauty

    Superfoods are called that for a reason – with their many natural health benefits they are in fact pretty super and can now be found everywhere from salads and smoothies to powders and tablets. Their wonderful cheap nba jerseys properties are not just limited ...