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Spring Clean Your Health


02 Sep Spring Clean Your Health

There’s nothing more refreshing or therapeutic than a spruce or cleanse of your home and wardrobe, but what about your body? Released just in time for spring is the new book Heal Your Gut from Supercharged Food author and one of stylem’s favourite wellbeing gurus, Lee Holmes.

Her fourth print title is bursting with information, advice, inspiration and delicious recipes for anyone looking to detox and heal their digestive system to help feel better and recharge their immune system.

No stranger to health issues, in 2006 Lee was diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disease (you can read all about it in a previous interview we did with her here). Her journey of self recovery was down to incorporating a wholefoods diet and adopting a holistic approach to her health, which now forms the backbone of her new book.

More than just a cookbook, what we love about Heal Your Gut is that Lee is not telling readers they must adopt a gluten-free (or any other popular food omission) diet for the rest of their life. What she suggests instead is that if you are suffering from symptoms such as bloating, IBS, depression, low energy (and a bunch of others you can find listed in her book); then you could benefit from a 4-week gut overhaul to get your digestive system (and entire body) back in top form. Following this, you can then work out longterm diet changes that you can incorporate into daily life that are realistic for you and won’t let your gut slip back into poor health – essentially an 80/20 rule (so eating as healthy as possible 80% of the time).

Whether you use the book as a step-by-step guide to spring cleaning your body, or simply take away some great recipes to incorporate into your existing diet, Heal Your Gut is a great one to add to the kitchen bookshelf.

Heal Your Gut is out now with Murdoch Books for RRP $29.99. Click here to buy now.

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