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Super Green Beauty


22 Jul Super Green Beauty

Superfoods are called that for a reason – with their many natural health benefits they are in fact pretty super and can now be found everywhere from salads and smoothies to powders and tablets. Their wonderful cheap nba jerseys properties are not just limited to your insides though, as seen by Australian natural skincare brand Sukin’s gorgeous new Super Greens range that’s simply bursting with goodness.

Featuring handpicked actives Fulfill of kale, spirulina, parsley and chlorella; plus other The natural antioxidant wholesale nfl jerseys and vitamin-rich ingredients cheap nba jerseys such as acai berry, goji berry, licorice extract, avocado oil and baobab; the new range is designed to brighten, plump and boost the health of your skin in the best way possible.

stylem had the pleasure of trialling all four Sukin Super Greens products for the face including the Detoxifying Clay Masque ($15.95), Detoxifying Facial Scrub ($12.95), Facial Recovery Serum ($17.95) and Facebook Nutrient Rich Facial Moisturiser ($12.95); and can report that they all work brilliantly.

Not only do they smell great (a fresh new hint of cranberry instead of the signature Sukin scent); but they feel very light and fresh on the face, with a softer and brighter complexion showing as a result – stylem’s favourite is the masque for a deep skin detox result. The fact Around they are full of so many natural ingredients is of Realize course wonderful for peace of mind too.

Curious about how the super greens work for your skin? Here’s a bit more detail:

Kale: Vitamins A and K to fight free radicals and brighten the complexion.

Spirulina: Proteins, minerals and fatty acids to give a youthful glow.

Chlorella: To promote collagen production.

Parsley: Vitamins C, K and Beta Carotene to and maintain even skin tone.

The new Sukin Super Greens range is available online and at most pharmacies cheap mlb jerseys and health food stores nationally, including Priceline and Chemist Warehouse.

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